the exclusive provider of PCADS technology


FSI is a strategic business alliance between three aerial firefighting industry leaders: International Air Response, Big Sky Aviation International, and Flexible Attack  Innovations, the creator of PCADS (Precision Container Aerial Delivery System).  This alliance was formed for the purpose of providing government entities with the most flexible and effective solution to the extremely challenging issue of wild fire suppression.  FSI’s members have over 60 years of combined experience providing various emergency response services, including aerial firefighting, around the world to both government and commercial customers.  The formation of FSI creates a synergy within the aerial firefighting community by combining the legendary capabilities of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, arguably the most capable aerial firefighting aircraft ever built, with the flexibility, scalability, and cost effectiveness of the PCADS system. 

After researching the global wild fire challenges, our team believes FSI is ideally suited to provide a professional, comprehensive heavy aircraft aerial firefighting solution for countries seeking an immediate response to increasingly devastating and fatal wildfire events.

  • FSI will use Direct Attack Tactics utilizing PCADS technology to safely and effectively suppress the growth of the fire with multiple en masse airdrops of 4,000 USG or 16,000 Liters.
  • FSI provides FULL Service Staff – Program Manager, Fire Consultant, C-130 pilots, ground crews, maintenance, PCADS team and recovery services.
  • FSI will also train and consult with Military or Government Agencies related to aerial firefighting, C-130 airlift programs and a wide array of aviation services.